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Welcome to the Marin Housing Workbook website.

The Marin Housing Workbook website is jointly sponsored by all of the local governments in Marin –– all eleven towns and cities, and the County –– and is a resource for the members of the Marin County community who are interested in housing. Members of the general public, stakeholder groups, and local government staff will all find useful information.

The State-required 2007-2014 Housing Element planning period presents an opportunity to address housing needs through a coordinated, comprehensive effort. Although each jurisdiction in Marin has different characteristics and a pride in its uniqueness, they also have many opportunities and challenges in common. This is especially true in the area of housing. Thus, an opportunity exists to learn from each other and to establish strategic cooperation to respond to the pressing need for workforce and special needs housing in Marin.

As we work on this task, we can save time and money and produce better plans by working together. The Marin Housing Workbook allows jurisdictions to share resources, successful strategies, and sample practices. It also offers a central access point for community members who are interested in housing.

You are invited to explore the site. An easy place to start is the table of contents, which provides links all of the Workbook material including papers, reports, data tables, and other resources. The 2009 Marin Housing Element Workbook is also available as a PDF. However, because of the linked resources, the best place to view the Workbook is online through the table of contents.  

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